A very Jollyday……..or three.

It is no secret we are MASSIVE fans of The North Star Club, autumn evening sat in the barn on a fur covered sofa in front of the log burner with a bottle of red and a paper. Walks in the forest, dinner at The Star at Sancton, four poster beds, copper roll top bath, obviously child free………sorry you lost me for a minute.

So when the people behind that little piece of heaven invited us to experience their other site, Jollydays and their brand new attraction The Northwood Trail, we were not going to say no. Off we went, me and two moany kids, no wifi, on an adventure in weather that can only be described as ‘changeable.’

Well, this place is magaical. The lodges and huts are all set within a beautiful woodland under a canopy of trees that seemed to filter out the rain clouds. We stayed in a ‘Lodge’ a huge tent with proper beds, a kitchen, a bathroom with roll top bath, hot water and electricity. Within minutes of arriving the kids had disappeared into the woods only to return every so often when peckish, I’d shove a few pringles down them and send them off agian…….I’m that sort of mother.

At dinner time we headed to the camp fire, all open air but with canopies over, fired up the pizza oven and followed with very very well toasted marshmallows. The next day true to form the kids disappeared into the woods and  we wandered down to the cafe for a coffee. Once retrieved from the woods, we are now nearly 24hrs without wifi and no-one has noticed, we have lunch, they do a spectaular cheese board and delicious wine, sat outside the cafe within the trees, in the sunshine and then spend the afternoon on The Northwood Trail. The Nortwood Trail can be visited without staying at the camp site and is a fairy sanctuary set within the woods. You meander along the trails and find fairy houses and villages hidden amongst the trees, we had a selection of childeren aged from 3 to 11 and all loved it. It is a really wonderful magical experience. There is a maize, I was the only one who couldn’t get to the middle, I don’t want to talk about it.

That evening the kids and all their new friends ran wild for hours in the dark with head torches on while we enjoyed a few drinks around the fire. There is an honesty shop open late that seems to only sell alcohol and wood, what more do you need when camping.

Although we didn’t leave the camp, it is a stones throw from York. we met a family who had travelled up from Suffolk and not only did they do all the York sites but spent some time exploring the coast, visted Castle Howard and Eden Camp and returned to camp every evening to share their adventures.

We loved our stay at Jollydays and visit to The Northwood Trail, It felt like we had entered a magical world were you could shut out the outside and live amongst nature. And yet if you want there is so much on your doorstep.

Jollydays www.jollydaysglamping.co.uk

The Northwood Trail www.northwoodtrail.co.uk

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A very Jollyday……..or three.

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