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Once upon a time anything labelled ethical, eco or organic was considered a little bit woolley or new age hippy but the tide is slowly turning.

Eco products are creeping onto a small corner of the supermarket shelves and certain large chemists now stock aluminium free deodorant.

The world of skincare and beauty has taken slightly longer to catch on. And why would that be, could it be that our heads are being turned by expensive products, in stylish packaging with slick ad campaigns? And are these products any better than any other or are they all developed in the same laboratories with a vast percentage of the product cost funding the stylish packaging and slick ad campaigns? Do we believe that the actresses/celebrities in the adverts with the most expensive specialists, treatments, make-up artists and airbrush experts at their fingertips are really just applying this cream to look that good……….who knows!

What we do know is that there are plenty exceptional products out there that are not only ethical and organic but are using cutting edge ingredients and formulations. Lets be honest most of them don’t have expensive packaging and slick marketing campaigns so they have to add that other essential, a product that actually achieves results.

In the past finding ethical products has taken time and research to find the right product for your particular skin type or problem and then probably a small loan is required for all the different delivery charges required to get a full range.

But that was until Caroline Huber decided that something needed to be done and opened Pure Skin Lab, a one stop shop for everything from skin products to feminine care and home cleaning to pet care. All produced by mainly UK based independent companies with no harsh chemicals, cruelty free and the right ethos. It is clear within minutes of meeting Caroline that she is passionate, not only about the products she stocks but the impact we and they have on the world…… and don’t we need more people like that in business?

Pure Skin Lab is based in Darley just outside Harrogate but delivers countrywide. Caroline and her expert team are available to help you find the right products for you, identifying your skin type and price range, there really is something for everyone. The organic Oy range for teenage skin went straight in our basket for the highly hormonal tween in our house. Other products that caught our eye were The Organic Pharmacy Retinal Night Serum and also their Hyaluronic Acid Serum, fantastic ingredients for anti aging. The Doterra Whitening Toothpaste and the Clean Deodorant Balm are also on our must have list.

We could go on and on and on about this fast growing company thats product range has grown from 30 brands to 60 in the last twelve months but now it’s your turn, head over to the website, sign up to the newsletter and recieve 10% off your first order.


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