Dalgona Coffee

Is lockdown fatigue a thing? Never has staying at home been so exhausting! I’ve discovered this treat, that I am loving, it gives me just enough of a boost to get me through till wine time! 

I am quite late to the Dalgona party, it seemed everyone was talking about this coffee extravagance but being a little bit of a coffee connoisseur, okay snob, I thought it wasn’t for me! It has actually become something of a hit on social media with lots of videos appearing on YouTube and Instagram of people making their Dalgona coffee during lockdown, so much so it has been hyped the quarantine coffee! 

So regardless of the media hype it actually turns out it’s the perfect sweet treat, caffeine fuelled mid-afternoon pick me up! 

Dalgona Coffee


Serves 2

3tbsp Granulated Coffee
3tbsp White Sugar
3tbsp Water – boiling
500ml Milk – cold or warm
Cup of Ice cubes if making cold coffee


Swap a tablespoon of coffee for drinking chocolate to create a mocha Dalgona
Add a shot of coffee liquor for a grown up version
Add ½ tspn of Vanilla extract – like adding a vanilla shot


Coffee Powder
Cocoa Powder
Crumbled Biscuits
Chocolate covered coffee beans


  1. Mix together the coffee, sugar and boiling water.
  2. Then whisk for 2-3 minutes until soft peaks form. I tried using a hand whisk, this took a long time and I still couldn’t get it right. An electric whisk requires much less elbow grease and works much better, it’s like magic to see those three ingredient’s turn to a kind of ‘whipped cream!’
  3. Pour the milk, hot or cold depending on your preference, into two cups or glasses. I put ice cubes in the cold milk. 
  4. Scoop the coffee mixture on top, stir and serve plain or with your preferred topping. 

Known originally as Phitti hui coffee (coffee that has been whipped) in Pakistan, the South Koreans named it Dalgona Coffee after the Korean sugar sweet Dalgona. This was due to the resemblance in taste and appearance and it seems to have stuck. It’s like a reversed cappuccino, whipped coffee on top and milk on the base. 

You can’t make the drink with ground coffee beans, it needs to be instant coffee as this creates the dense and foamy topping, this is something to do with the drying process of the instant coffee or maybe just magic!

Kirsty Wilson Close

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Dalgona Coffee

Is lockdown fatigue a thing? Never has staying at home been so exhausting! I’ve discovered this treat, that I...