Skin brushing works…….

…….which is annoying because I probably first read about it sometime in the 80’s in something like Jackie or Just Seventeen.

During lockdown I found that having the kids at home gave me around five extra hours a day!?. No school runs, after school clubs, frantic late night runs out to get whatever they need TOMORROW (that they told you about 10 minutes ago)(gritted teeth smile). How do you fill all that time when the kids are ‘home schooling’ and making your brain melt……..easy go in the only room with a lock on the door.  And so I spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom every morning hiding, religiously doing the beauty rituals you always think you are going to do but never get round too.

Probably one of the reasons I didn’t heed the advice of Just Seventeen was the fact that I didn’t feel like I needed to. My young, smooth, shiny skin was doing alright thank you very much without me wasting all that time with an overly bristly scratchy brush. Roll on 30 years or so and my skin is a different story, it has definitely lost its glow of youth. Anyhow the upshot is that one morning in April I picked up the brush I have always had and never used and gave it a go.

There are lots of conflicting methods for body brushing but I found my way and stuck to it. Body brushing should be done dry, I do it every morning before my shower, sometimes I take my time, sometimes its a quick once over but I aim to do it every day. I use a short flicking motion and start from my feet towards my heart. I increase and decrease the pressure depending on the area and how it feels.

On a superficial level body brushing will remove dead skin cells and help with ingrowing hairs therefore giving it a lovely glow but it also stimulates the blood flow and lymphatic system. Not only can it help eliminate toxins and waste but also improve the appearance of cellulite.

It took a few weeks of really diligent use but gradually I started to see such a difference in the texture and glow of the skin I was addicted. So now back on the extreme early mornings and extended school run this is one habit formed in lockdown that I am not having to try and give up. Skin brushing works….

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Skin brushing works…….

…….which is annoying because I probably first read about it sometime in the 80’s in something like Jackie or...

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