In pursuit of white gnashers…..

Teeth whitening where do we start! Well it started for me in the 90’s when a rumour circulated that there was a dentist practise in Yorkshire that was offering this holy grail of new services. So off my friends and I trooped to a market town a good hours drive away to spend the best part of a month’s wages to buy our custom made trays and bleach.

It turns out I have veeeerrry sensitive teeth, they didn’t just get a little bit sore no no no no, they were so painful the day after an overnight bleach that I actually wanted to inflict physical harm on everyone around me. Coupled with my deeply rooted love of coffee and red wine I knew then that having whiter than white teeth was always going to be an unachievable goal (gave away my bleach, trays are possibly in the loft).

Roll on 20 years and not only does it now seem to be the trend to have teeth that look like they spend the night in a glass beside the bed but I am about to marry a man that could give Barry Gibb a run for his money. A solution needed to be found pre wedding day photos that also ensured the safety of everyone in the house, kids, dogs, lizard, fiancé……..


Spotlight Oral popped up on my Instagram and appealed to me for various reasons. First and foremost it didn’t look like a scam, there is a really comprehensive website full of excellent reviews.

It is so easy to use, you apply two strips to your teeth, one top and one bottom ,for just one hour a day for 14 days. I found the best times for me were in the morning when getting up , showering, making ,sorting washing etc or when sat at my computer…..  like now!

I LOVE that the system has been developed by two dentists, that they are women and they both have lovely natural looking teeth.

Their whitening system sits alongside a full range of products for all types of teeth issues, I use their Sensitive Toothpaste while using the strips just in case (I didn’t feel ANY sensitivity)


And what of the results…..AMAZING! it wasn’t until the second week that I really started to notice the difference but once I did there was such a change every day and by day 14 I had much whiter, brighter, sparklier teeth.

Spotlight Oral do various bundles depending how far you want to go, I bought that basic whitening kit for £39.99, which also includes a brilliant whitening toothpaste and the Sensitive Toothpaste £7.95

And the best news….nobody was injured in the pursuit of white teeth.

Spotlight Oral Care UK

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