Simply easy, Simply Cook

Cooking for kids is a nightmare or is that just in my house?? I can name on one hand the dishes that both of my kids find acceptable and that is only after I have blanded them out ie removed all tastiness. I can then name on another hand the dishes my kids will eat if I really really heavily bribe them.

So you are left with that conundrum, do you cook two separate meals, fine if you have a husband /partner coming home to eat with you but if you are in the single parent or partner works away category it’s not the same. I found eventually that the simplest thing to do after lovingly preparing a tasteless meal for my kids was to just have something simple like a jacket potato……….and a large gin?

And then by chance I found Simply Cook……..hallelujah……..the clue is in the name! Simply put Simply Cook is a recipe kit without the fresh ingredients which I know sounds strange but as there are no fresh ingredients you choose when you are going to cook them, there is nothing to go off.

So why does it work so well, simple, it allows you to make really really delicious restaurant quality meal at home. All the recipes have very few ingredients to buy and are extremely quick, about 20 mins, and easy to make. I have managed to produce dishes that look EXACTLY like the picure. There is even a tear off shopping list attached to each recipe card, it’s idiot proof, they saw me coming. Simply Cook provides you with all the sauces and flavourings you need so you are not buying lots of bits and pieces you only use once……..fenugreek??

The recipes can be for two people, I make the whole lot and save a portion for lunch the next day, a lovely treat. All the recipes come with a calorie count, you can choose lighter options and you can also choose vegetarian or gluten free.

The boxes are letterbox sized, contain four recipes and you can pause or cancel at anytime. They even have an App so you can manage your recipes choices at any time.

One day my children will decide that they do actually like food but until then I am really enjoying my once a week treat meal and lunch.

If I still haven’t convinced you, you can try a trial box for £1 at

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Simply easy, Simply Cook

Cooking for kids is a nightmare or is that just in my house?? I can name on one hand...

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