Calm yourself, it’s a New Year

There is a huge amount of difference between going for a massage with a therapist who is skilled in all aspects of beauty and a dedicated massage therapist.

There are many practising therapists who have been on a short course in basic massage so if you find an excellent highly qualified specialist massage therapist hold onto them, they are worth they’re weight in gold.

Fiona Hutchinson BSC (Hons), ITEC (Dip), MTI (Dip), CThA at Complete Calm Massage Therapy is just that, a highly qualified massage therapist who is passionate about the service she offers and the results she achieves. This is not just a treat but a treatment starting with an in depth consultation making sure you get the type of treatment you want and need.

Holistic massage treats the client as a whole, it takes their emotional as well as their physical well-being into account. Treatments are tailored to each client. A treatment might be focused on relaxation one session and pain reduction another. You will definitely de-stress and will probably get a great night’s sleep afterwards.

Clinical Massage Therapy really focuses on the pain reduction quality of massage. A lengthy consultation is done and the client’s range of motion is tested and pain measured. It might blend deep tissue massage, Trigger Point therapy, myofascial work, stretches and other techniques to reduce pain. And homework will be given to enhance the effects between treatments! These treatments really work to ease away pain and tension. It can also known as Therapeutic or Remedial massage.

Everything Fiona does is designed to promote relaxation: from the music she plays, to the heated table, to the diffused fragrance blends. Aftercare is also given, so you might get mediation advice, insomnia tips or stretches to help you between treatments.

This is an exceptional massage given by an exceptional therapist, we suggest you get booked in before this piece of gold gets a waiting list.

Complete Calm Massage Therapy

07931 999477

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