Caramalised figs

It’s British Fig season, Figs are one of my favourite fruits, they are so versatile and can be used in so many different ways in recipes. 

I love them for breakfast with yoghurt, as a starter with mozzarella, with lamb in a stew and after dinner with cheese but my favourite way is caramelised with maple syrup and a dollop of thick cream! 

Figs, both fresh and dried, are a great plant source of a variety of vitamins and minerals, they are packed full of fibre and are a good source of calcium and antioxidants. They are a really versatile ingredient and can add natural sweetness to a dish whether sweet or savoury. 

Due to their high fibre content they can act as a natural laxative and can help in maintaining good digestive health. Fibre rich foods also help regulate blood sugar and keep cholesterol levels in check. 


4 Figs 

1-2 tablespoon Maple Syrup or Honey – the better quality the better the flavour 

30g Brown Sugar or coconut sugar

30g Butter


Pistachio, Pecans or Macadamia nuts roughly chopped. (Whichever are your favourite!)

To serve 

Thick double cream, crème fresh or Greek yoghurt. 

  1. Chop the figs in half. 
  2. Heat the butter in a frying pan on a medium heat.
  3. Add the sugar and place the figs in the pan cut side down, the sugar should start to caramelise after 3-4 minutes and turn a golden brown, take care not to burn the sugar. 
  4. Turn the figs over and spoon the sauce over the figs and cook for a couple of minutes.
  5. Take the pan off the heat and leave to stand for a few minutes, the sauce will thicken as it cools.
  6. Place the caramelised figs on a plate and drizzle with maple syrup and a dollop of cream on the side!
  7. Sprinkle the nuts over, if using. 

This is such a quick and simple dessert which is great for a midweek supper if you have friends over. 

It only takes a few minutes to prepare but is really delicious. For a healthier version you can use coconut sugar and Greek yoghurt to serve.

Kirsty Wilson Close

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