Deck the halls…and the sitting room and the kitchen …

More and more we are seeing the trend for decorating the whole house over the festive season, maybe not full on in every room but definitely a nod to the season all  around the home.

The hall way is of course the obvious place to make an impact, be it with a banister garland or if you are lucky enough to have a spacious hallway a real Christmas tree is simply fabulous, and scents the whole house with that gorgeous Christmas smell.……If you only have a small entrance then you can still create the wow factor with a door wreath, these can be as extravagant as you wish. The latest  trend  for more naturalistic styles, means if you have a go at making your own you don’t have to panic too much about it being  perfect.…which is great for us non green fingered folk. 

The Fire place is another place where you can create impact, the traditional style garland is still popular but more and more we are seeing Scandinavian simplicity seep through and elegant pared back styles are making more of an appearance.

Staying with that Scandinavian theme, nothing beats gentle candle light at this time of year, grouped on trays with some simple greenery they make a really beautiful table arrangement.  An array of pillar candles at different heights sat on a hearth or on the mantle is also really effective and festive.

The tree itself is usually the main focal point and the debate continues to rage…real or fake?, These days artificial  trees are so realistic you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference once its lit and decorated. The options for Tree styles is endless, Twig, White, pre lit, glittery you name it. It really boils down to personal preference and of course how much space you have to play with. As for decorating the tree, well where does one start? A theme is always lovely but most of us tend to have decorations gathered from over the years along with  homemade offerings from the children so this years Instagram sensation ‘The Rainbow tree’ means we can all be on trend without even trying!!!

As interior designers you would perhaps expect us to have a list of do’s and don’ts  as long as your arm: but the truth is when it comes to Christmas décor there are no rules….Less is more, more is more, glitter, tinsel fairy lights? Home made decorations or a Liberty style extravaganza…. What ever makes your home feel magical and festive is fine….now someone pass me that  that singing Santa !

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