Divine Secrets of The Ya-ya Sisterhood

Re-reading a previously enjoyed novel is not something that usually works, its like watching Titanic for the first time, a beautiful film but ultimately you know the boat sinks and most of the lovely characters you have spent the last two and half hours getting to know are going to die.

But a book about motherhood read when you are 26 and single can take on a whole new meaning when you have children of your own and this is precisely why this book is here.

Released in 1996 and an international bestseller this is a classic Southern American tale of hilarious sadness set in a sleepy Louisiana parish. A group of lifelong friends stage a rather unorthodox intervention to help a young playwright unravel the truth about her complicated, eccentric mother, find forgiveness and acceptance, and let go of her painful past.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood became a No. 1 New York Times bestseller. The Washington Post stated that the book is, “A very entertaining and ultimately deeply moving novel about the complex bonds between a mother and a daughter.” And that is why you should give this book a second chance, as a mother you will understand things that cannot be understood when you don’t have children.

This is a great page turner the story quickly takes hold and you soon get so involved in the world the characters live in you can almost smell the Southern heat.

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