Facial massage

Facial yoga/massage was one of the most popular google beauty searches of last year and no surprise really. We are finally waking up to the fact that faces are full of muscles and those muscles need exercising too. Apparently throwing your head back, mouth wide open, eyes screwed up in a guffaw is not enough??

Most facials contain a small amount of facial massage and it could be argued that this is the most beneficial part of the whole treatment.

On a really superficial level a good facial massage will stimulate the skin and increase circulation encouraging blood to the surface and drawing away toxins and impurities. All good to start with but a good therapist will be able to stimulate individual muscles in the face. Muscles that are usually left to their own devices and gradually atrophy causing the face to lose structure over time. A natural part of aging but just like we work out to stop other parts of our body drooping we can also work out our faces.

Then there is the help with wrinkle prevention, we hold huge amounts of stress in our face, gritted teeth, furrowed brows, persistent headaches so regularly relieving that stress will help stop wrinkles forming in these areas.

So where do we recommend to get the best facial massages? Well if we lived in London we could simply tap a few key words into google and any number of experts would appear on your screen but we live in Yorkshire and it proved more difficult. We went back to our favourite and most trusted dedicated massage therapist, Fiona at Complete Calm in Harrogate and she didn’t disappoint. Her 45 minute Facial Rejuvenation massage left us with a definite natural face lift and a fabulous glowing healthy skin.

So this is where you come in? Can you recommend anywhere else in Yorkshire where our lovely readers can experience a dedicated facial massage. Hop over to The Speakeasy with your recommendations.


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