For the love of leaves.

We all know how beneficial immersing ourselves in nature can be, and case studies have shown that our innate affinity for the great outdoors positively impacts our health and wellbeing. Even just seeing the colour green can aledgedly help focus the mind and calm hyper-active children! 

But if our day doesn’t allow time for a forest frolic, or we live in a built up area, then bringing the outside in can prove just as wonderful….

The list of benefits of having houseplants around your home is a long one!

They can help us feel calmer and more content, and help boost concentration and creativity…..

A study at Harvard University concluded tending to house plants improved mental health and encouraged higher social and physical activity! 

An abundance of house plants also help block out the noise and purify the air – spider plants, rubber plants and aloe vera being the champs here, this clearer air then aids better sleep, have we convinced you yet ?!Aside of these facts, there is the aesthetic quality of a gorgeous plant.  There aren’t many instagrammed interiors without a token leafy friend to complete the styling.  To this end, the House Plant’s increasing popularity has resulted in gorgeous, independent retailers immerging offering the most incredible choice….


Here are two of our favourites!  Take a look….

This gorgeous shop was opened by Emma; a self-employed ecologist, in January last year, you can find her oasis at 27 Walmgate in York city centre. 

Botanic has quickly become the go-to place for healthy, exotic and unusual house plants in York, and has captured the hearts and minds of the residents of York and visitors to this beautiful city.  As the business has grown Emma now employs a team comprising of four highly knowledgeable house plant enthusiasts. Between Alice, Carlos, Emma and Nic, there are over 400 plants in their own homes so they have first hand experience of caring for many different species of house plant so can advise us novices well!

Is an equally appealing oasis with branches at 38 Leeds Road Ilkley and also in the amazing Corn Exchange Leeds.  Run by plant loving, jungle building sisters, The Plant Point is well worth a visit, the images on the website and Insta feed back this up! 

And for more ideas give @houseplantclub @thehouseofplants_ or @houseplantsinspiration a follow over on the gram and get those fingers green!


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