Gadget of the month

Generally in my house there are two types of gadget,

  1. The excited to buy one, used extensively for about a month, tidied away in a cupboard, never seen again.
  2. The excited to buy one, used extensively, don’t know how I lived without it.

But now there is a third type…….The Lockdown Gadget!

The Lockdown Gadget is can atually be either number 1 or 2. There are a few gadgets in my house that have been pulled out of retirement, dusted off and repurposed. 

The juicer is a great example, I loved it for a couple of months but haven’t seen it for at least a year. I brought it out of to see if I shoved enough grapes in it would produce wine? Unfortunately it just creates something called grape juice which is apparently a health drink, unlike wine which is a mental health drink.

The second type of Lockdown Gadget is the one that you have thought of getting but never got round to or in my case had forgotten I wanted by the time I had swum around the goldfish bowl again. 

The first Lockdown Gadget I bought was a Sodastream. Now in the 70’s I had a friend who owned a Sodastream, she was the same friend who was allowed white bread, I would leave her house having consumed half a loaf and fourteen pints of Rola Cola. 

So back to the present day and Sodastream have re-marketed themselves as sparkling water makers. Neither myself or my youngest are fans of water. I will drink it if I’m really really thirsty and despite it being my new year resolution every year to drink more I get nowhere near the recommended daily intake. Sparkling on the other hand I can drink all day, not great for the environment with all those plastic bottles. 

The Sodastream is here to stay though and will NEVER be relegated to the cupboard. I LOVE IT.


It’s sleek, it comes in a variety of colours, it’s extremely easy to use, the bottles are BPA free plastic and great for carrying around, make sure you get a couple of extras and the gas is easy to replace. The flavour syrups are still available and Lakeland has a good range of the Soda Press Co organic syrups, I’m eying up the Indian Tonic Water???

There has been a massive leap in water consumption in our house, my first lockdown gadget purchase…….a HUGE success.

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