Gather & Stow

Before lockdown, in what seems like a previous life, we stumbled upon the wonderful ‘Gather & Stow’ whilst attending an appointment on Kings Road in Harrogate.  We simply had to go in, and knew immediately we would simply have to share with you our find!

It was a pleasure to meet Ange the owner, she has always wanted to be a shopkeeper and has had previous shops in the North of England, before finding the perfect spot to execute her passion here in Harrogate.

This carefully arranged space sells the most gorgeous and stylish mid century interior, new fair trade objects, houseplants….. and Coffee!  Win win.  

Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 outbreak the premises are currently closed, but you can tap into all Ange’s amazing finds on her website  Going forward, depending how the online shop takes off and subsequently how the pandemic winds down, Gather & Stow my well organically find itself an online store only.

Currently, for many of us, life is very different, we are experiencing a ‘new normal’.  Slower, (predominantly) calmer, spending most of our time at home, tackling those projects and jobs that have always been pushed to the bottom of the list….. and investing time in our living space.  

Ange of Gather & Stow believes ‘there is no need to flood your home with vintage, it is about that one object that sparks joy when you walk into a room or a collection of pots where the colours and textures warm your creative soul’

After a day of home schooling what better way to re-set than to brew a cup or pour a glass and sit and look at gorgeous stuff !

At the roots of Gather & Stow is a passion for finding interesting items with a history and then restoring and curating those pieces so that they find a new home, your home?

This passion, blended with a love of interior design and ethical living, has made Gather & Stow a joy to explore.  A collection of vintage items, natural materials, plants, repurposed and mid century furniture.  

All echoing the bohemian vibe enjoyed in the past when life was slower and more calm, a vibe that we are revisiting today.

Our passionate, independent businesses need our support more than ever in the current climate, take a look!



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