EW&S had the pleasure of chatting to Rosemary Bax of Bax Botanics this week and just had to share the love!

She stands by the claim that ‘It’s Flavour That Makes A Great Cocktail – Not Alcohol’

Loving a cheeky drink (on special occasions only you understand!) EW&S were going to take some convincing!

Chris and Rose Bax have taught about plants and flavours in their Yorkshire woodland for 15 years, they have plant knowledge extending from wild to cultivated and medicinal to culinary and through botanical alchemy, the pair have mimicked the satisfaction given by an alcoholic spirit. This passion for nature and two creative brains was the starting point for their alcohol-free spirits.

Their drinks are designed to be drunk with mixers, primarily tonic, but are also fantastic in cocktails!

There are 2 flavour variations:

‘Sea Buckthorn’ is a distillation of fragrant herbs and botanicals, with flavours of citrussy Seville oranges, Mediterranean herbs and subtle, warm, buttery baking. The blend is relaxed, luxurious and fulfilling.

Verbena’ is a distillation of light, bright herbs and botanicals. There are citrussy notes and hints of menthol, making this blend stimulating, appetising, clean and fresh. We tasted both, and they are equally fabulous for different reasons!  Suddenly being the driver of the group becomes less unappealing, Bax Botanics offer the perfect alternative to an alcoholic drink. You mix their ‘spirit’ as you would a gin (1 part Bax’s to 3 parts tonic) and garnished with either cucumber or orange zest.

  • The drinks have no sugar, no sweeteners and are completely allergen free, so no gluten!
  • There is just half a calorie in each 50ml serving, making them perfect for diabetics.
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people who don’t drink for religious reasons.

Thank you Rosemary….. a gorgeous hand mixed alcohol-free drink, that tastes amazing and makes non drinkers feel special!

The husband and wife team print their bottle labels on environmentally friendly sugar cane waste, use recycled cardboard and a clever box design eliminates the need for extra packaging materials so let’s support them! A 500ml bottle is £17.99 and available at selected stockists or direct from……..

………we think every drinks trolley needs one!

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