In an English Country Garden….

You sang that title didn’t you!?

As Jimmie Rodgers asked…

‘How many kinds of flowers grow

In an English Country Garden?’

We can’t answer this specifically, but can confirm there is a plethora to immerse yourself in at the simply breathtaking York Gate Garden in Adel.  If, like us, you are short on time, money and horticultural knowledge, but just LOVE a restorative mooch through an English Country Garden then York Gate is a must. 

Listed as the ‘7th best garden to visit in the UK’ in The Times this internationally acclaimed space is a one acre jewel incorporating 14 ‘rooms’, all with different themes, linked by delightful vistas and contrasting in style.

With the Summer Holidays looming, we all need some pointers on keeping the kids entertained with options that don’t cost us the earth or our sanity right?  Well, York Gate Garden in Adel just a few miles North of Leeds, ticks all the boxes!

Under 16’s are free and there isn’t a ball pit in site.  The soundtrack is bird song not Euro pop, and the cake is home baked…..

The safe, contained, space is a maze of paths, topiary, trees, hedges and unusual plants and evergreens clipped into strong architectural shapesThe children will love exploring, hiding and then taking 5 in the potting shed.  Each ‘room’ is so different and intriguing.

It will cost you £6 per adult for the pleasure and as the York Gate is now owned and maintained by the horticulturists’ charity, Perennial, looking after horticulturists and their families in times of need, it’s a win win.

Allow yourself a couple of hours for a visit, or longer if the suns shining and the kids are happy, the Tea Room is open the same hours as the garden, where you can enjoy light lunches and afternoon teas and where you can no doubt find us!

For more info take a peek at…..

York Gate
Back Church Lane
LS16 8DW


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