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Join my revolution

I’m starting a revolution and I want to tell you ALL about it.

It really is quite simple.

Do it YOUR way……  That’s it!

 One of my purposes in life is;  “to inspire as many purpose led  passionate people to “be more” by connecting to the life and work they’ve always wanted and doing it “their way.”

 At it’s core it’s all about putting the ‘heart’ back into life.  Living life in a more meaningful way.  A way which contributes to making your heart happy.  Maybe you’ve always dreamed of making people laugh?  Maybe you want to be an inventor of something different? Maybe you want to be a creator. Maybe you just simply yearn for better work life balance?

 Whatever it is, DO IT YOUR WAY. Find the people to support you that will ask the question “What do YOU need to do it YOUR way?”  Anyone who tries to tell you what they’d do???  Kindly thank them for their opinion and know it’s just that, an opinion. It’s based on how they see the world and not YOUR view of the world.

Life can be tough and following your dreams can also be challenging. It can also be lonely, as I know all too well myself.  Getting regular support from people who can prop you up, inspire you and keep you on YOUR chosen path is essential.

It’s taken me eighteen months to get clear about what difference I wanted to make with my business and how I wanted to leave my mark on the world.  And in that time, I’ve nearly run out of money, cried a lot, laughed a lot, delivered some of the best work of my life and known that I’ve changed peoples lives for the better. I’m determined to do it my way, whether I crash and burn or thrive and soar.

If I’m really honest with you, I find new challenges everyday that make me feel incredibly vulnerable, that make me question whether I deserve to be as successful as I dream about and I also know that I run for the hills on a daily basis over tasks that give me the heebie jeebies, like picking up the phone and asking for help?!?!  (We’re only human after all).  And that’s where I use my coaches. To help me stay on track, to keep me true to doing it my way, to give me a tissue when I need it and to remind me of my brilliance (when I lose sight of it myself)!

 One of the programs I deliver is my 121 Supercharge Day for solopreneurs, kick ass women, and game changers.  The difference it’s making to them getting clear about what they want and the insight they’ve gained about doing it ‘their way’ has been really inspiring for us both.

 So if you know someone who is looking to find ‘their way’ whether it be in their business, their job, their life, then why not send them my way and help them join my revolution by discovering “THEIR WAY”.

Jennifer Potter 07786 250 175

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