Lounge Wear

Let’s talk loungewear. Now I say “loungewear” but what image does this term conjure up for you? I’d love to say that each evening, I get the opportunity to while away the hours at home “lounging” in my silk pyjamas, decadently sipping a glass of chilled Pol Roger……Alas the reality is somewhat different….

By loungewear, what I mean is, “comfy clothes”, you know the sort of stuff you can’t wait to throw on after a hard days work, when you get home, the kids are in bed & you can unwind and quite frankly let it all hang out. Or it maybe the type of attire you want to wear on a Sunday when you batton down the hatches with nothing to do other than watch but a great film.

Recently I heard someone say that they like their loungewear attire to still reflect their true sense of style…… this made me think… or was it panic?!? Oh dear god…please don’t come knocking on my door after 7.30pm, because quite frankly the combination of my husbands rugby sweater from 1999 and the comedy pj bottoms from last Christmas, would give even the healthiest of passers by a coronary.

But, I took this as a clear sign that it was now time (in fact well overdue) to cleanse the drawer that holds my “comfy” attire that only my children and my poor husband are unlucky enough to witness me wear. Let’s face it, generally we spend more evenings in, at home, than we do out (well, I do) so why shouldn’t we treat ourselves to feeling our best selves at home too?

Here’s to enjoying staying in! When it’s cold and dark outside let’s slip into something super comfy, relax in front of the fire, light your fave scented candle and take some time out for you….. Granted downtime is hard to find (if not impossible) over the hectic build to Christmas, so if it means locking the front door and turning off all the lights do it; I won’t tell anyone if you won’t!

And if you’re yet to write your list to Father Christmas (may I suggest you get cracking) you’re in luck, as here’s our simple loungewear edit to help you out: click on the image to shop.

Ruth Preston is a super stylish mother of three, follow her at @wearitlikeruth

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