Not all Holly and Ivy…..

Soooo…… there’s no getting away from it !  Christmas is coming !

And it doesn’t have to be all about ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ we’re here to shout about another , less traditional , Insta-friendly Christmas Foliage Favourite – Eucalyptus !

The aroma of Eucalyptus is widely believed to decrease symptoms of stress, perfect for this busy time of year!  Originally grown in Australia it is now readily available from your friendly Florist, and we have our own @thefloristfaerie…

The leaves are a great source of antioxidants, they can be ground and made into a tea.

However, more realistically, a great way to counteract this busy time of year is to embrace the simplicity and beauty of natural Christmas décor for your home as an alternative to plastic and sparkle.

Eucalyptus is understated and subtle with its varying shades of pale green, its smooth rounded leaves…. and that scent!

Here are three simple ways to get creative!

A Eucalyptus wall hanging, the perfect backdrop for a Christmas table.  Just strip, bunch or hang single Eucalyptus branches by tying to twine or ribbon.

A Eucalyptus Garland, shorter stripped stems, tied with twine to a rope length and layered.  Such a garland would look so stylish on a mantle or secured to a bannister.

Eucalyptus Coathanger Wreath, bend open a metal coathanger and manipulate it into a circle. Attach short stripped stems of Eucalyptus to the coathanger with wire, layering as you go!

If you have any Eucalyptus left after all this creating, tie a bunch of stems with twine, and use another length to tie the bunch to your shower head!  As close to the wall as you can so it sits behind the stream of water. As the shower warms and steams you will be immersed in the aforementioned stress relieving aroma.

Ta daaaaah!  Wow your visitors this Yuletide…

The Florist Faerie

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