Nourish & Glow 10 Day Plan

Amelia Freer is a nutritionist to the stars, she is responsible for the transformation of Boy George, Sam Smith and James Cordon but don’t let that put you off. She came onto my radar in a newspaper article and at some point I picked up her Nourish & Glow 10 Day Plan book that has then sat on a shelf for a good year.

And then a long weekend to Majorca was booked and it turned out that my Christmas diet that involves a lot of cheese and the odd Terry’s Chocolate Orange………or 3, was still being implemented well into May.

I am no dieter, as soon as the word diet is mentioned I immediately have to inhale bread or chocolate twists for days but when I flicked through Nourish & Glow 10 Day Plan the recipes looked so delicious I thought I would give it a go.


Firstly, this is not a diet, there is no calorie counting, it is teaching you to eat nourishing, delicious food made from scratch. By the time I had got to day 8 I hadn’t even realised I had eaten no bread.

The food really is delicious and while I was initially worried about the time taken to prep all the meals around kids and after school clubs, it has turned into a little bit of scheduled me time pottering in the kitchen that I have really enjoyed. It gets easier as the days go on and you have more elements prepared in your fridge.

Although the initial shopping list looks quite long I bought in the staples and enough for a few days to get going and then have shopped as I have gone on. One of the many things I have loved is that everything is used up, leftovers are eaten the next day for lunch and if a quarter of an avocado is used in a recipe you can be sure that the rest is used later in the plan. I have also loved embracing fish, I’m not a huge fish eater and I usually only eat it when someone with more skill than me cooks it really well but I felt confident that Amelia would make is taste delicious and I was right .

There are a few staples that will now ALWAYS be in my fridge, the Spicy Seed Mix will make the most boring salad totally delicious, as will the salad dressings and even though I am not a massive nut eater the nut granola is mandatory now.

The recipes are all relatively quick and easy and there is a vegan alternative to every recipe so you veggies can get on board.

I have no idea if I have lost weight as halfway through it started to seem unimportant, I feel healthy, my skin is glowing, I am enjoying cooking really healthy food, so much so I have just ordered Cook, Nourishing, Glow……….consider me converted.

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Amelia Freer is a nutritionist to the stars, she is responsible for the transformation of Boy George, Sam Smith...

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