Out in the garden in June….

With the majestic gardens of the Chelsea flower Show firmly fixed in our
minds, we all seem to be out in the garden right now trying to transform our
plots into something beautiful.

Here are some tips to help….

• You can encourage more fruit next year by pruning fruit trees now’
• Keep weeding, mowing and watering,
• Remove faded forget-me-nots,
• Deadhead repeat flowering roses as they fade,
• Pick sweet peas to encourage more flowers,
• Prune cherry trees this month,
• Give your containers some fertilser in liquid form every 2-4 weeks,
• Clip evergreen hedges.

In the veg garden:

• Plant out sweetcorn plants in a criss-cross pattern to aid wind pollination,
• Pinch out side shoots from tomoato plants,
• Resow lettuce every few weeks to ensure a good supply,
• Harvest early potatoes after they have flowered.

In the herb garden:

• Trim your sage plants to keep them compact,
• Keep harvesting to stop plants going to seed.

Jo Manfredi-Hamer is the founder of Jo Manfredi-Hamer Garden Design

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