Out of Africa

Bye Bye Botanicals we have a new contender to the interiors throne. The new collections launched in January saw a distinct African theme emerge with exotic animal motifs taking centre stage. Now before you run for the hills thinking it couldn’t possibly be for you, read on as this season sees a sophisticated take on the theme. One that would work in most interiors.

Okay so Who is designing it, what is it all about and Where can we incorporate it…Well most of the big names in Interior design are all over this trend. One of our favourite wallpaper brands Cole and Son have been showcasing this theme for many years and their Ardmore collection is a true representation of this. Cole and Son describe it as a collection that explores Africa’s exotic Flora and Fauna; from rare birds to big cats, elephants, rhinos and mischievous monkeys; as well as the beautiful patterns of Zulu beadwork and basket ware. Perfect for a feature wall it’s a really grown up and statement look, it’s not perhaps for the faint hearted but for the adventurous among us it’s a sure-fire way to create a talking point.

Harlequin has not disappointed with its latest collection which has a real tribal/global feel with strong motives and textures coming through. This is a very specific ‘look’ and one that suits those of us who like a more relaxed eclectic feel to our interiors. With a monochrome colour palette and tactile textures its perfect when made up into a collection of cushions and layered with plains and textures it looks effortlessly put together and timeless.

This elegant look varies from the global essence trend of 2019 which was much more eclectic and boho. The ‘New Africa’ trend is much more stylised and striking. Colour palettes are drawn from the natural landscape, from the rich ochres of the desert plains to the vibrant and lush greens of the jungle, the result is a glamorous and sophisticated look that captures the vibrancy of African culture.  Think Umbers, Spiced Reds, Terracotta’s and warming Bronzes. Motifs celebrating the animal kingdom take centre stage and are depicted in linear or highly stylised formation making this a truly striking and elegant version of the trend. Prestigious textiles new Tribe collection is a perfect example of this look and by using opulent fabrics the look and feel is incredibly high end and timeless.

So how do we incorporate such a statement look into our existing schemes? Well; the authentic and rich colour palette will really add a punch to neutrals but can also look  harmonious in homes with an already warm hued colour scheme to create a truly comforting, layered and inviting look. Rich textures such as velvet and boucle work well here especially when furniture and accessories echo nature in both colour and organic form. Think mid-century classic brands such as Ercol with its soft curves and textured upholstery.

This New African look really does add a mellow warmth to our homes, its surprisingly easy to live with and packs a punch if it’s a pop of colour or pattern you want to liven up an existing scheme. So, cancel that Safari and let’s get the wild and wonderful African wildlife closer to home in 2020

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