What would granny do?

So here we are in 2017, this year I have made no resolutions, I am not drinking green gunk in the hope that my colon will be as clean as my silverware. I am not joining the Dryathlon, I will happily give Cancer Research the cash but I will not give up the Chablis!

No this year I am going to live by a mantra and when I feel like everything is getting on top of me and I want to hide under the goose down I will think ‘what would Granny do?’

Granny grew up in London and went to Swiss Finishing School, as a war widow she gave birth during the blitz with just a stiff brandy for comfort, her house was bombed, her beloved brother killed in  Italy.  After the war she moved to Africa, then to Southern Ireland only leaving when someone planted a bomb at the yacht club.

And so what would Granny do? She would get up every morning put on a stylish outfit, set her hair immaculately, put on her face, always always with lipstick and get on with her day……………………..then at 5 o’clock she would have a large vodka martini.


Granny’s Vodka Martini

One measure of white Martini Extra Dry

One measure of Martini Rosso

One measure of Vodka

Serve over ice, totally delicious but totally dangerous!


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