The boot edit

Ok so I appreciate we’ve had a few freakishly warm & sunny days this month, I mean cripes I’ve even shown my ankles and worn trainers with no socks… that’s saying something!!
But, and it’s a BIG but……do you remember March last year? (It took me a while too) Let me remind you, it snowed, A LOT. So, don’t judge me for giving you an edit on the best ankle boots because believe me there’s time for sledges yet.
The good news is that right now pretty much any style goes, and I mean anything. (This is the bit where if you’re anything like me, you regret getting rid of those pointy kitten heel boots you loved wearing back in the day)
Yes to hiking boots (remember we have Holly Willouby to thank for the crazy Grenson phase) and the sock boot also the cowboy boot, chelsea boot, biker boot. The ones with cuban heels, French heels, block heels, zip details, studs and laces. Get ready for courdory, cut out features, mock croc, velvet, metallics, metal toes and of course there will always be white… if you dare …so you get the picture.
Wear boots with anything. Dress down with your camo pants for the ultimate utilarian look, or with your denims rolled up.
Wear any style with a midi skirt or a floral dress and you’ve nailed it.
If you want to see an absolute style crush of mine, check out Anine Bing @aninebingofficial she knows how to wear an ankle boot, her particular boot range is pricey but definitely attainable.
Shop savvy on the high street and you’re likely to find a few in the sale too. Other high street boot shopping haunts are &otherstories, ZARA, M&S and Topshop.
Have fun, shop with confidence and know that you won’t go wrong whichever way you go…but just remember, never get rid of them, because trust me, the boot trend isn’t going anywhere.
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Above images source: Pinterest
Here’s a selection of our favourites, hover on image for stockist and price, click on image to buy.

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