The return of patterned carpet

Okay hands up, who instantly thought of the  outdated swirly patterned carpet designs of old? Well honestly trust me on this, there really is a place for the return of pattern. Yes while predominantly plain and neutral carpets are the popular choice and there will of course always be a place for them, I hope I will be able to change your mind on the pattern front. Our first port of call here at Furnish and Fettle is the inspiring and innovative Quirky B collection from Alternative Flooring. They really believe that patterned design can bring a living space alive and with this edgy collection I couldn’t agree with them more

 Using pattern can add a really contemporary feel and if it is maximum impact you are after then choosing plaids or stripes is a failsafe. Stripes  have really soared in popularity and they are particularly good for elongating or widening a smaller space. They also make a really striking entrance as a stair runner and draw the eye upwards or along a hallway.

 Plaids make for a really strong focal point so it is best to keep other features such as walls and window treatments plain. The styling needs to be bold and furniture simple and contemporary in shape if it’s a more modern feel you are after, for more traditional schemes colourways can be stronger and furniture more traditional. Surprisingly plaids can work really well in any room and depending on the styling of the rest of the room can be really versatile

Bedrooms are a perfect foil for pattern and somewhere you can be brave with the decorating as it is such a personal space. Personally I love the bold exciting Liberty heritage design as  the colours really  are stunning and the pattern so impactful. From the vibrant  liberty floral to the more classic Liberty Design Studio reinterpretation on William Morris Strawberry thief: (a collection that features birds and bushes in tonal shades and translates wonderfully into carpet). There really is a pattern for everyone. A particular favourite of mine from this collection is the Liberty shell; it’s a perfect choice for a bedroom as it is so restful and soothing.

Now carpet is an investment and it’s something we don’t replace too often so choosing a pattern can feel scary! However with the right advice about styling and decorating the rest of the room around It, you can still create a scheme with longevity and one that fills you with joy as you enter the room. Interiors that make you smile and make your home feel like a real reflection of you will always in my mind be a success.

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