The strappy sandal edit…

So the sun has been shining, you may even have dug out a floaty dress or two; last seen circa summer vacay 2018 (yes I include myself in this) What is it, by the way, that makes any “holiday” items worn in the UK just feel very wrong?!

But back to the shoes…. let me ask you one thing, and it’s a biggie………….just how summer ready are your feet??

Yes – your feet??
‘Why?’ I hear you ask…… well, because the sandal of the moment is quite frankly less sandal and more foot.
This ultra feminine trend has come straight out of the 90’s along with Oasis, Grunge, Blockbuster Video, Gywneth, Kate Moss and inspiring many looks we are seeing in the shops right now.
This strappy sandal however is very wearable, and whilst the likes of Ganni, Celine and Prada lead the way, we can now get our hands on Topshop’s version at just £46 (in a number of colorways)
What’s more, this style of sandal is available in every single heel imaginable – kitten, block, cyclinder….so the trend is very wearable on every foot – well, that is if you’ve been for a pedicure in the last 48 hours!!


That’s your lot this week, the local nail salon just called, a pedi slot has just come free and it’s got my name on it..
Get your foot scrub out ladies – here’s my top picks!

Ruth Preston

Instagram: @wearitlikeruth

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