What are you worth?

Did a number with a £ sign pop into your head? Maybe the question has left you wondering about your financial balance sheet, and what it would look like …

Actually, the purpose of the question is not to get you thinking about your finances. Rather, to pause and think about how much you are really willing to invest in yourself. What do you think you are worth?

Our primary relationship in life is with ourselves

You are the only person who has gone through every situation you have experienced in your life. If you are like most people you forget to give yourself space to explore what you have learned from your experiences. You don’t give yourself space to explore what’s important to you now and what you want to create in the future. “There’s no time!” – especially with a To Do list like the Magic Porridge Pot (Grimms’ fairy tale) – it just keeps filling back up!

Add to that the 1000s of thoughts we have each day (expert opinion ranges between 33,000 – 80,000 so whatever the truth, it’s a lot!) and it’s no surprise that we get distracted, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Three ways to nurture your relationship

Relationships need to be nurtured. They need time and attention or they languish. Not just relationships with other people. Your relationship with yourself. How much time and energy do you invest in nurturing yourself? Here are three suggestions you could bring into your daily routine:


  • Set a timer for 10 minutes when you first wake up, grab a notebook and pen, and just write whatever comes up for you. I have found this a really useful way to process events and to identify matters that really need my attention
  • Meditation has also been a game-changer for me! It brings me peace in the moment and has also created a more relaxed approach to life overall. I experience fewer triggers, and I handle stress more easily than ever before. The app, Insight Timer has over 15,000 free guided meditations you could explore
  • Pause and connect with your vision and goals for the year for a few minutes each day to help you stay on track and keep your radar on alert for relevant opportunities that will move you towards achieving what you want. A vision board can be really useful for this


Refresh, Reset, Reboot

Sometimes we also need to give ourselves a focused period of time to get clear and refocus. That’s why I have created a one day retreat, Refresh, Reset, Reboot, for up to 8 people. Here’s how a previous participant describes it:

“A day to switch off from the outside world and align with your purpose; to address things that may be holding you back and leave feeling refreshed, enthusiastic and ready to take action”

This day is the perfect place to refresh your energy and create deeper connection and commitment to achieving what you really want in any aspect of life. Maybe there are work / business issues that need your attention, maybe you are feeling out of balance, maybe you need more time for yourself, for fun, or to nurture other important relationships.

You will emerge with renewed focus and clarity, and ready to get into action. It’s the ideal foundation for the daily activities suggested above that will continue to nurture your relationship with yourself.

The next retreat takes place on Friday 29th March 9.30am – 4.30pm in Boston Spa. You can find details here: https://www.janebytheway.com/refresh-reset-reboot/

Or call Jane Bytheway on 07977 732 186 or email connect@janebytheway.com


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