Why mindset matters most.

“The story you tell is the truth you know…”- Carrie Campbell

We have around 10,000 thoughts a day, that’s a lot, right? An unimaginable amount!

And here’s the thing, they don’t always serve us. They’re not always on our side. They’re definitely not always ‘rooting’ for us. 

Most likely the same thoughts are churning around and around in our heads and they are almost entirely negative. 

We believe these ‘stories’ are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

“I’m fat”

“I’m not good enough”

“I’ll never be good at anything”

“I never stick to anything”

“I’ll never make enough money”

And so it goes on, 24/7, day after day for a lifetime for most people.

If we choose to believe these ‘stories’ they will forever hold us back.

They will keep us stuck.

They will prevent us from living our best lives.

And that would be incredibly sad because we’re all amazing, beautiful, unique individuals, all here for a purpose and to shine bright in whatever that purpose is. 

Our ‘stories’ or our ‘scripts’ are largely made up of memories from our past created from teachers, peers, parents, the news, the media…and they reside in our unconscious. 

We are NOT our thoughts, they are separate to us. We know that because we can be still and listen to them.

And they’re not even 100% true!

They are actually only a perception and NOT reality.

This gives us the opportunity therefore to change our ‘script’ to make these stories the way we want them to be, the way we want to live our lives. 

We all have the capacity to get out of that ‘hole’ we’ve been stuck in.

We all have the choice to eliminate our limits and live our very best life.

How fantastically ‘freeing’ is that. Can you imagine for a second achieving your dreams, reaching your goals?

Because you CAN…


Written by Ruth Goodwin

Health, wellbeing and mindset coach


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