York cat trail

Here at EW&S we are fortunate to be based within striking distance of the beautiful historic city of York, with some members of our team boasting the (some cobbled) streets as their old stomping ground!  Yet none of us had had the pleasure of discovering the York Lucky Cats until recently, and since doing so were eager to share!

Never before has the saying ‘always look up’ been so relevant, there are 23 lucky cats, poised above eye level around the city, who knew?!

Taking in the incredible York Minster we headed down to Low Petergate where we were able to pick up a map of the York Lucky Cat Trail from The Cat Gallery and embark on our feline fuelled hunt!

Much excitement ensued as the cats were spotted and ‘ticked off’, each cat is unique, and has its own story, and fun clues to help you locate the statues, all detailed on the map which you can download here Cat Trail Leaflet

Cats have played a part in York’s history and luck has been linked with them since records began.  As we know cats always land on their feet, and having nine lives …. well if that’s not lucky what is?

The very first statues of cats date back to medieval times although the ones you can find around York today have been placed on buildings over the last two Centuries, amazing!

It’s such a fun, free, way to explore this wonderful city, for little and big kids alike, taking you down streets you may not have stomped, even as a local.

York Glass is the home of York Lucky Cats where the York Cat story is celebrated, situated on The Shambles, you must pop in whilst on this famous street locating a couple of the 23 statues who reside here.   You can treat yourself to your very own lucky cat, beautifully hand crafted on the premises in 12 different colours!






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York cat trail

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